Sunday, 10 August 2014

Holiday Doodles

I have just returned from a couple of weeks away on a lovely family holiday. We had no phone signal or wifi (imagine that!) so we were forced to communicate with each other and make our own entertainment LOL! 

I used to really stress about which art materials I should take on holiday and I was never ever satisfied. I used to spend ages planning, then packing and unpacking, always stressing about which important items I may have forgotten or suddenly decide that I need while I am away. (Not to mention fitting it all in the car along with the family, my mum, the dog, the bikes, the canoe etc etc) 

Then I realised that I was kind of missing the point. You don't need a whole load of art stuff to satisfy your creative urge, you can get creative with anything, and in some ways the less you have with you the more creative you need to be.  So, now I travel light, and it's soooo much easier. I take my Art Doodle Love book (by Dawn Sokol) with me (ready made backgrounds - bonus!) and a small selection of pens and pencils, and my coloured pencils. (Most of the following pages were done with Polychromos by Faber Castell). It all fits neatly into my handbag so I can smuggle it anywhere.

In the pub, waiting for lunch ....

Most of these pages have been filled in a little at a time, growing bit by bit,  in various weird and wonderful locations as I never leave the house without 'something to do' in my bag as I can't still still for two minutes ...

And here's my latest as a work in progress, inspired by the wooden spoon dolls by daughter used to make when she was younger. I started this page at home but no doubt it will be added to in various locations until I have crammed as much as possible onto the page :-)

And finally, here's my July page finished. Woohoo! I'm on top of this thing!

Byee for now, I'm off to doodle ....

Friday, 1 August 2014

A new month!

Bicycle stamp and large alphabet stamps by Tim Holtz
Small alphabet stamps by Hero Arts

Yes, yes, I know I'm showing you JULY when it's AUGUST. The reason is that although I'm here I'm not really here, I'm taking some time away from the wi-fi (yikes!) to spend some quality time with my lovely family during the summer hols :-)

So, here is July in it's unfinished state but on my return I'll have July completed ready to share and August ready-to-go! Of course July just HAD to be about the Tour de France as it passed through my homeland of Yorkshire, and us Yorkshire people could not have more excited or more proud! It was a truly exciting and awesome occasion.... the whole of our area was covered in yellow bikes and bunting galore, so I just had to represent that in my calendar page. We waited on the roadside for about 4 hours to see the bikes whizz by, and the whole thing passed us in approx 30 seconds, but my kids declared it the best day ever!

So, as usual if you'd like to share here the link is below, but of course you can also share on Facebook and flickr. A huge thanks to all of you who continue to participate in this on-going challenge. There is a huge wealth of inspiration to be found in the various places we all share our art so do go and take a look.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Journal play :-)

The run up to the end of the school summer term always feels (and is) totally manic, in fact it usually feels even more busy than the run up to Christmas. However, my kids and I have now finished for 6 glorious weeks, and these days my teenage (ish) children enjoy a nice lie-in every day yay! So, I have been doing bits here and there in my journal but nothing has got finished .... Above is a work in progress page. No idea where it's going next, time will tell.

I also signed up to do an on-line class with Samie Harding as I knew it would take me out of my comfort zone ... here is some of my work in progress from the class:

Hand-carved stamps using Speedball Easycarve 

Stamped papers, using my own stamps on deli paper.

 Brush script text ... but I need a bit more practice....

Talking of on-line classes .... I have been busy busy busy filming for Journal Soup 2. COMING SOON!

Bye for now, happy summer everyone!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Quirky birds art journaling hoot!

A little while ago I started teaching a regular art journaling class at Art from the Heart (Harrogate, UK) and to be perfectly honest I have been overwhelmed by the response. Already it is starting to feel like a regulars class and we are building on skills learned in previous workshops. It is such a warm, friendly and creative group ... and they are pushing me in different directions too as they make suggestions for future classes or techniques they would like to learn. This time there was a request for quirky birds so as you can see we made owls! I always like to start simple as I think you can then take things further and more complicated as you go along. This owl was created by drawing round a gesso pot to make a circle. Simple! Try it!

Yesterday the temperature was unusually hot hot hot for the UK and the room got hotter and hotter as the afternoon wore on, but it didn't dampen our enthusiasm, although we did drink an awful lot of tea. Hardcore!

The amazing results.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Another month already?!

Wow! How did it get to July already? You know what that means ... we are at the halfway point! Very well done to you if you have kept up so far. It's been amazing to have so much wonderful company on this journey :-) 

Well as you can see I am almost up-to-date. I've managed to keep up with June but now I just have to get started on July ;-)

Here's the page before I scrawled all over it:

And a few close-ups of the detail:

If you are still in, the link is below, and don't forget about the flickr group here, and the ever-growing Face book group here.