Monday, 29 June 2015

Colour wheels and rainbows.

Just completed a couple more pages in my small hand-made journal, using my DecoArt Media Fluids.  The colour wheels have been influenced by the work of Sabrina Ward Harrison - LOVE her art! Of course I always love a good colour wheel, but after recent much publicised legislations and celebrations I wanted to include a rainbow too. Which actually turned out a bit like a mandala. Mm mandala ... now there's a thought for a future journal page ....

Byee for now!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Making journals

I just love a ready made journal ... the instant accessibility is a winner. And I should know because I have got lots and lot of journals (none of them are finished of course!)

But I don't think there is anything more satisfying than making your own journal from scratch.

I recently went to a proper bookbinding course (!) I learned a lot, but the finished book was a bit too neat for me so I couldn't wait to do my own freestyle version.

I finally got the time to play with my new Decoart Media goodies yay! The combination of fluid acrylics with the white tinting base is right up my street. If you have seen any of my DVDs or watched any of my on-line classes, you will know I nearly always begin painting with white and add colour to it allowing me to build up depth of colour, so this combination is great for me :-)

I started by making a colour swatch. You knew I would do that didn't you?!

And then I made a concertina style journal using cartridge paper. Some of the pages are already complete but I still have a lot to add to the others:

This is how the pages began. Yikes, it looks really messy!

 The cover was constructed with grey board covered with Ranger Sticky back canvas. and coated with Paynes Grey. I then gave it a good coat of Decoart Matte Varnish, before stamping and embossing in clear:

I have started to add the pages to the inside but I am keeping it 'free' at the back of the journal to allow me to pull the pages out fully to work on but you can see here how it is starting to look like a book.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Messy mark making

It has taken me a while to get round to blogging these messy mark making pages ... June just seemed to get super-busy all of a sudden. I don't like it when life and work get so busy, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow ....

A while ago I taught my lovely regular art journaling class at Art from the Heart (Harrogate UK). I want to be really careful that we don't just fall into a rut with this class, it would be so easy to do! I want us to keep pushing on and learning new skills, try new things ... even if we don't always like them LOL! 

When you want to break out of a rut you can't beat a bit of mark making. It is just SUCH fun to do. I really seriously got engrossed in these pages. I worked on loose leaf card and then decided that I loved these so much I wanted these in my journal so I just stuck them in.

I like how these pages look side by side:

I have not time at all to just 'play' recently but hopefully things will quieten down a bit because I have got new goodies to try! Ooooh look at this lovely lot! I can feel a bit more experimental mark making coming on ...!

Byee for now!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Messy journal play. And other stuff.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it feels good to just really let go and play. And I mean really let go.

At the moment I am creating with very limited supplies as most of my art materials are on their way to The Artistic Stamper (Kent, UK) ahead of my workshops there this weekend. I think it actually did me good as I couldn't just reach for my usuals....

I don't even know if this is finished. It might be, or it might not be. Time will tell. But one thing I do know, it that was a lot of fun to do!

Last week we had the school half term so we were all home for the week. I do love half terms! I love losing the relentless routine for a few days (although by the end of the week I'm usually craving routine again LOL!). We decided to stay local-ish and just enjoy some days out in our glorious Yorkshire countryside, or God's Own Country, as it's known!

The yarn bombers (or guerrilla knitters) are back at Saltburn. Yay!

And finally, as it's summer here now in the UK (well, sort of!) I dug out the sewing machine and made some bunting for the garden.

Byee for now!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Something different ....

I have been running local card-making workshops in my village for about 10 years now. Unbelievable .. it feels like about 6 months! Over those years we have covered many many different techniques and styles and we have had a lot of messy fun along the way. This week we ae making angel cards using some of my stamps for Stampotique Originals.

Although my usual style is much more mixed-media based, and definitely more messy (see previous post!) I try and cater for a variety of different tastes (and ages!) of my regular workshop go-ers.

Here's a selection of what we'll be up to this weekend. First off, a very clean and simple style using Ranger Texture Paste as part of the background I have to really fight the urge to layer this up with lots of colour! My biggest problem when doing this sort of thing is keeping my finger prints off it!

Kate's Angel and Carol's flower by Stampotique Originals
Star stencil by Dylusions

I gave 'Kate's Angel' some Martha Stewart butterfly wings this time! And went for a simple single colour using Distress Ink.

Quote by Tim Holtz

But needless to say things got a bit more colourful ... Distress Inks and lots of water to make this background, followed by 'Journey Collage' - one of my all-time fave background stamps.

Sing and Journey Collage by Stampotique Originals

And another background made with Distress Inks. although much more pastel than my usual palette.

Guardian  by Stampotique Originals
Quote by Tim Holtz

It's good to try something different once in a while ... but don't worry, normal service will resume shortly!